About Our Confessions of Faith

While the First Baptist Church of Parker recognizes the splendid and scriptural content of both the First and Second London Confessions of Faith, we look to them as our guides, not as our lords. Christ alone is our King, the Holy Scripture His only Scepter. Only to the authority of this King and Scepter are our consciences bound. Moreover, as the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, our collective mind and will are supreme and sovereign over these confessions. Thus we exercise the liberty of loving disagreement in those areas where these magnificent confessions may differ, especially in relation to "the sabbath" and "the law."

Such an approach liberates us from the division among "reformed" Baptists who quibble and divide themselves over the Sabbath. We welcome both the sabbatarian and the non-sabbatarian to our membership, but we will admit neither to our fellowship who would attempt to engage us in "doubtful disputations" over the Sabbath or the Law. If you are looking for a church strictly sabbatarian with all its legalistic accouterments, or a loosely libertarian church who will ignore biblical and compassionate discipline, this is not the church for you. We have no towers for the high-minded Calvinist who loves God's people less than He loves to argue with them.

We take a moderating position on the Sabbath, that God's people should faithfully assemble themselves together on the Lord's day and that they should "regard the Day unto the Lord"; but we also assert that Christ is our typological Sabbath, and that the chronological sabbath "was made for man, not man for the Sabbath," and therefore we "rejoice in the liberty wherewith Christ has set us free from the yoke of bondage."

We also reject the "speck in your eye" approach of those "reformed Baptists" whose penchant for "full-faced fellowship" engenders an invasive and abusive eldership which lords over God's heritage. We are unapologetically Calvinistic and Baptistic, but we are also tender-hearted, deferent, loving, and humble one before another, each esteeming the other better than himself. We worship and fellowship together in a mutual faith which affirms the following proverbs:

"Unity in things essential, liberty in things non-essential, and charity in all things"


"A Christian needs a good heart, well headed, and a good head, well hearted."

"Speaking the truth in love" is our watchword.

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