About Us

First Baptist Church of Parker is unique among modern churches, and distinct in the DFW Metroplex. Comprised of Christians from diverse professional and religious backgrounds, the common thread that binds us together is a love for the great truths of God's grace. When you visit, we hope you will notice some distinct differences about our church.

Our Worship

The magnitude of God's grace causes us to approach worship in a manner which accentuates reverence, order and humility. Our music reflects a particular attitude toward God - listen carefully to the words we sing. Our preaching declares the Gospel of God's free and sovereign grace and emphasizes His holiness and omnipotence. Our teaching demonstrates that God's word is a sufficient guide for Christian life, practice and doctrine.

Our Teaching

We believe that through the knowledge of God's word we grow in grace and in truth. Additionally, the Holy Bible is our history book, our instruction manual, and the road map for our Christian journey. Our church provides weekly expository Bible classes for men, ladies, and at graduated levels, for children and young people. Additionally periodic topical classes are offered as well as special reading and discussion seminars covering diverse theological and historical topics.

Our Membership

Becoming a member of First Baptist Church begins with a repentance from sin and faith in Jesus Christ, followed by obedience to Christ's command to be baptized. Because of the serious nature of church membership, our pastor teaches a class for inquirers and new members. Following pastoral counsel, prayer, and a meeting with church representatives, new members are formally received at a special communion celebration.

Our Theology

Our distinctive theology hearkens to the historic doctrines of the first American baptists. We acknowledge such great baptist predecessors as Charles Spurgeon, Isaac Backus, J.P. Boyce and B.H. Carroll. We embrace the central doctrines of the reformers, and declare that salvation is "all of grace." We uphold the truth of God's word as revealed in the Holy Bible and endorse the First and Second London Confessions. We administer the New Testament ordinances of Christian Baptism and Holy Communion, and we practice church discipline in accordance with the scriptures. Our church government is congregational, with members' interests being represented through a household vote.

Our Fellowship

Occasions for biblical teaching and Christian fellowship abound at First Baptist Church, ranging from home bible studies and an annual ladies retreat, to in-home "Friday Fellowships", and a weekly Sunday fellowship lunch. Care groups give church members access to geographically close, like-minded believers, and provide supplemental fellowship events.

More About Us

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But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.   John 1:12
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